"Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them." - Lady Bird Johnson



            Welcome to East Chester P.E.  Our goal is to provide a fun, exciting learning environment for our students, while promoting a healthy lifestyle.  Throughout the school year our students will participate in a variety of team games, exercises, sports, and even dance.  Our school has the priviledge of having P.E. everyday.  This means each student gets to participate in physical education for 30 min a day.  Our students are not required to dress out for P.E., however we do ask that they wear their tennis shoes due to safety reasons.  We also allow days each week (weather permitting) for our students to have outside time on our playground.  We also participate in Fitness Gram - fitness testing at East Chester.  This includes different fitness tests such as Sit and Reach, Push Ups, Curl Ups, Pull Ups, and Pacer Run.  This information is entered into a computer program along with the students height/weight, and a printout is sent home for parents.  On this printout there are "Healthy Zones" and helpful tips on living a healthy lifestyle.  If you have any questions or concerns about our class feel free to email me anytime at hannac@tennk12.net